Rural Community Assistance Corporation



Dietrich Rate Study

September 17, 2007


City Council meeting to discuss rate study

Officials for City of Dietrich are:

Jeanetta R. Knowles Mayor

Ryan Smith Councilperson

Anne Eschliman Councilperson

Donald Heiken Councilperson

Iva Lee Green City Clerk

Tom Young City Utility Operator


v     Reconcile cash accounts

o       Determine beginning balance for water fund (determine actual cash on-hand for water system)

o       Exclude all other funds

v     Determine the budget revenue target

o       Title budget lines so customers understand them

o       Identify future cash reserves

         Asset inventory (what you have)

         Equipment replacement (depreciation)

         New projects (capital improvements, what you want in the future)

         Emergency reserves (something bad happens)

         Operating reserves (covers revenue fluctuations, un-forecasted costs such as electrical rate increase, overtime etc.)

o       Be able to answer any question concerning the budget

v     Other that residential & residential water use

o       Look at statistics on water use spread sheet

o       Discuss one off rates (OTR)

o       Discuss policy goals

         Support for low income customers

         If I use twice as much water as you, what should I pay?

         Conservation issues; reduction in water use

v     Set next meeting time