AY McDonald Meter Cradle Model 15PK

City of Dietrich Idaho | Public Works

This is the type of meter cradle that was installed with the water system in 1994 for the city of Dietrich Idaho. If your city is using an AYMcDonald meter cradle such as the one pictured could you please email me.
ay mcdonald meter cradle

This system has rubber grommets that fit over the threaded ends of the meter. The meter sets in the cradle, and is wedged tight in the setter when the valve is turned on. When turning the valve on or off water sprays out full force until the valve is fully on or off. All of the valves are very hard to cycle on and off. Some of the valves are frozen and cannot be cycled at all. If the grommets become compressed or slightly damaged they leak and have to be replaced. When the valve is off, the meter can be lifted in or out freely. The cradle sets in the dirt at the bottom of the meter pit. The part number for the grommet is 4139200 or 15cg 3/4

ay mcdonald setter neptine meter

ay mcdonald grommet neptune meter

AY McDonald Meter Cradle Model 15PK Yoke Setter
Neptune T10 5/8 meter

Meter pit mounted holder for a water flow control device