Dietrich Idaho Water Project 01-24-2014 install fire hydrants.
01-24-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace Clow Medallion fire hydrants with Waterous Pacer fire hydrants.
8:15-12:45: Turned off valves on main lines for working on hydrants.
8:30: Called Ryan Dilworth about school water being off for school boiler & fire sprinkler alarm.
8:45: Digging hydrant on 4th & Lincoln.
9:00: Digging hydrant on 4th & Lincoln.
9:15: Digging hydrant on 1st & Lincoln.
9:30: Valve blew on 4th & Lincoln hydrant, shut off valves tighter, digging 1st & Lincoln hydrant.
9:45: Cutting bolts off 4th & Lincoln hydrant.
10:00: Getting new hydrant on 4th & Lincoln ready to install.
10:15: Assembling adaptor to hydrant & torqueing bolts.
10:30: Hydrant assembled & being lowered into hole.
10:45: New gasket installed & torqueing bolts.
11:00: Setting hydrant in place getting ready for restraint.
11:15: Hammering rock at 1st & Lincoln hydrant.
11:30: Hammering rock at 1st & Lincoln hydrant.
11:45: Mixing concrete for restraints.
12:00: Pouring concrete thrust block for hydrant on 4th & Lincoln.
12:15: Finished pouring concrete thrust block for hydrant on 4th & Lincoln, used backhoe to transfer concrete.
12:30: Hydrant on 1st & Lincoln out, excavating hole for new hydrant.
12:45: People call about water being shut off for third hydrant replacement.
1:30-4:30: Installing new hydrant on 1st & Lincoln.
1:45: Torqueing gland bolts on hydrant.
2:15: Starting to dig hydrant by McDaniel's on Park, mixing cement for 1st & Lincoln hydrant restraint.
2:30: Pouring cement for restraint at 1st & Lincoln hydrant, digging McDaniel hydrant.
2:45: Concrete poured at 1st & Lincoln hydrant.
3:00: Gravel around hydrant weep holes, backfilling, compacting dirt, digging hydrant on Park by McDaniel.
3:30: Need MJ by flange 6'' 90 elbow for hydrant on park by McDaniel. Will get from supplier & finish tomorrow.
3:45: Call people about water being off tomorrow, hydrants backfilled.
4:00: Main valves turned back on.
4:15: Flush hydrants.
4:30: Hydrant installs finished.