Dietrich Idaho Water Project 01-28-2014 install meter vaults.
01-28-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace meter vaults and water meters with Sensus iPerl meters, and Mueller coil type meter vault.
8:45-12:30: Digging Roy McClure service.
9:00: Digging McClure & Manone Myers service, sorting parts at wellhouse.
9:15: Digging McClure & Myers service.
9:30: Digging McClure & Myers service, damaged Myers sprinkler valve box.
9:45: Digging McClure & Myers service.
10:00: Myers meter out, digging McClure.
10:15: Plumbing Myers, digging McClure service.
10:30-12:30: Project meeting & trip to job sites.
1:30-4:00: McClure & Myers done, digging Wayne Perron & Jeff Burke services.
1:45: Working on wellhouse.
2:00: Working in wellhouse, hammering Burke, plumbing Perron service.
2:15: Hammering Burke, plumbing Perron service.
2:30: Digging Burke, fixing Perron leak.
2:45: Perron plumbing done, meter in, water on, leak on pvc fitting, working in wellhouse.
3:00: Plumbing Burke.
3:15: Fixing leak at Perron.
3:30: Burke plumbing done, meter in, water on.
3:45: Backfilling Burke, fixing leak at Perron.
4:00: Perron leak fixed, backfilling both Burke & Perron.