Dietrich Idaho Water Project 01-31-2014 install meter vaults.
01-31-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace meter vaults and water meters with Sensus iPerl meters, and Mueller coil type meter vault.
8:30-1:00: Getting ready to dig Dee Jennings.
8:45: Digging Jennings, called Dee about turning off water.
9:00: Digging Jennings.
9:30: Digging Jennings.
9:45: Plumbing Jennings.
10:15: Jennings plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling.
10:30: Jennings done, getting ready to do Iva Lee Green service.
10:45: Digging Iva lee, called Iva Lee about turning off water.
11:00: digging Iva Lee.
11:15: Digging Iva Lee.
11:30: Hit rock at Iva Lee, hammering.
11:45: Hammering Iva Lee.
12:00: Plumbing Iva Lee.
12:15: Cheap tubing going to Iva Lee's house keeps cracking & splitting.
12:30: Iva Lee plumbing done, meter in, water leaking from crack in cheap tubing.
12:45: Got new clamps.
1:00: Iva Lee done & backfilling.