Dietrich Idaho Water Project 02-11-2014 install meter vault, pour concrete.
02-11-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace meter vault and water meter with Sensus iPerl meter, and Mueller coil type meter vault. Pour concrete slab in wellhouse. Install air-valve vent in water system.
8:30-8:45: Working around outside of wellhouse.
9:15-9:30: Oscar digging trenches for conduit around outside of wellhouse, final gravel & sleeve installed in hole in wellhouse, concrete ready to pour.
10:15-12:00: Installing rebar for concrete, mixing concrete, pouring concrete, troweling & finishing concrete slab in wellhouse, digging trenches around wellhouse for conduit.
12:00-12:15: Preparing to pour concrete for air vent at Rail & alley, getting ready to dig Randy Robbins service.
1:15-4:00: Digging Robbins service, pouring concrete for air vent at Rail & alley.
1:30 Digging Robbins, broke water line, flooding, getting ready to install guard post by air vent.
1:45: Digging Robbins, installing guard post.
2:00: Digging Robbins, guard post installed.
2:15: Digging Robbins, troweling & smoothing concrete pad in wellhouse.
2:30: Plumbing Robbins, troweling & smoothing concrete pad in wellhouse.
2:45: Plumbing Robbins.
3:00: Robins plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling.
3:15: Backfilling Robbins.
3:30: Backfilling Robbins.
3:45: Brought in bedding material for Robbins driveway, compacting.
4:00: Robbins done.