Dietrich Idaho Water Project 02-13-2014 install meter vaults.
02-13-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace meter vaults and water meters with Sensus iPerl meters, and Mueller coil type meter vault.
8:30-10:30: Met with Keller inspector Randy Brixey, called Robin Southwick about meter service being replaced and water being off, digging Robin Southwick & Tim Conant.
11:15-12:30: Southwick backfilling, Conant finished, digging Ray Kissler.
11:30: At Robin Southwick house Mike Burton was harassing me, ranting & raging about how the city operates. He threatened me with physical violence three times. He ordered me off the job site. The sheriff was called. I didn't press charges. The meter vault didn't get buried deep enough & needs to be redone.
1:00-6:00: Talked to electricians at the Eagles Nest, they said they were laying conduit in the trenches at the wellsite, wellsite too muddy for my truck to drive to.
1:15: Digging Ray Kissler & Tracy Perron service.
1:45: Kissler plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling, broke Perron water line.
2:00: Backfilling Kissler, digging Perron.
2:15: Digging Perron.
2:30: Plumbing Perron.
2:45: Plumbing Perron, digging Ballard.
3:00: Perron plumbing done, digging Ballard.
3:15: Perron meter in, water on, backfilling, digging Ballard.
3:30: Ballard has leak, digging & looking for leak.
4:30: Dug back to mainline at saddle looking for leak.
5:30: Ballard plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling.
6:00: Backfilling Ballard.