Dietrich Idaho Water Project 02-19-2014 install meter vaults.
02-19-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Replace meter vaults and water meters with Sensus iPerl meters, and Mueller coil type meter vault.
8:30-12:00: Talked to Ryan Dillworth about school DLC service, he said to stub it out & leave sprinkler system disconnected.
8:45: Digging Miriam Depew, plumbing DLC.
9:00: Digging Depew, plumbing DLC.
9:15: DLC plumbing done, meter in, backfilling, digging Depew.
9:30: Hit rock at Depew, backfilling DLC.
9:45: Hammering Depew, backfilling DLC.
10:00: DLC done, digging Roger Stoddard, hammering Depew.
10:15: Digging Stoddard, hammering Depew.
10:30: Plumbing Stoddard, digging Depew.
10:45: Stoddard plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling, hammering Depew.
11:00: Backfilling Stoddard, plumbing Depew.
11:15: Compacting Stoddard with jumping jack, plumbing Depew.
11:30: Depew plumbing done, meter in, water on, backfilling.
11:45: Stoddard done, backfilling Depew.
12:00: Finishing Depew.
1:00-4:00: Digging Kim Hansen & Mark Stevenson.
1:15: Digging Hansen & Stevenson.
1:30: Broke Stevenson pvc line going to house, hole filled with water, digging Hansen.
2:15: Plumbing Stevenson & Hansen.
2:30: Plumbing done, meters in, waters on, backfilling Hansen, Stevenson has leak in pvc pipe going to house.
2:45: Hansen almost done, looking for Stevenson leak.
3:00: Digging Stevenson pvc pipe going to house.
3:15: Replace broken pipe at Stevenson.
3:30: Fixing Stevenson broken pipe.
3:45: Stevenson pipe repaired, backfilling.
4:00: Laying sod on backfilled hole at Stevenson.