Dietrich Idaho Water Project 02-20-2014 clean jobsites, install radio transmitters.
02-20-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Attempted to install Sensus OMNI Turbo (T2) 2'' meters but gaskets were not included with the assembly's. Clean job-sites around town. Install transmitters for Sensus iPerl radio read meters.
8:30-10:30: Met with Keller inspector Randy Brixey.
9:00: Oscar at school well pit to install new 2 meter, need gaskets.
9:30: Crew is cleaning jobsites around town.
10:00: Looking how to mount radio transmitter for meter in school well pit.
11:30-4:00: Installing radio transmitters in meter vaults around town, making list in database of serial numbers for all installed meters, backfilling conduit trenches at wellsite, cleaning & smoothing jobsites around town.