Dietrich Idaho Water Project 02-28-2014 install school irrigation meter.
02-28-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Install school irrigation meter. Install city park meter. Install vents in city wellhouse.
9:15-12:00: Brody & Baldo installed meter in setter at fire department service, digging school irrigation service, removing old meter getting ready to replace with new meter.
1:00-5:30: HVAC guys installing vents on roof & sides of building at wellhouse, cleaning mess from holes being cut in walls, fitting pipe & elbow in wellhouse, checking torque & re-torquing all fasteners for all pipe in wellhouse, meter replaced at school irrigation service, meter replaced at park irrigation service, HVAC guys did sloppy job fitting and installing vents, sloppy calking, fasteners not secure, flashing not covering holes cut for installing vents, uneven space around inside of intake vent, damaged screen on intake vent.