Dietrich Idaho Water Project 03-05-2014 finish wellsite fence.
03-05-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Finish fence at wellsite.
8:15-12:30: Baldo & Juaquin at wellsite, Mike at trailer.
8:45: Working on fence, working in wellhouse.
9:30: Electricians working in wellhouse, working on fence.
10:30: Electricians putting temporary power to flow meters.
10:45: United oil fuel truck filling generator fuel tank with 237 gallons of fuel, electricians fastening flow meter to wall on inside of wellhouse.
11:45: Working on fence, installing conduit, getting ready to tap saddles in wellhouse.
12:00: Cutting down pump to waste drain.
12:30: Matt has first saddle tapped but didn't install it where he was shown, he moved it down and installed it in front of the electrical motor for the motorized butterfly valve.
2:00-3:30:Conduit installed in north side of wellhouse, fence done, four saddles tapped in wellhouse, pump to waste drain cut on west side of wellhouse, grading ground on west side of wellhouse for pump to waste drain.
2:30: Electricians working on conduit by wellhead, smoothing ground around wellhouse.
3:30: Electricians digging & working on conduit by wellhead, cleaning up at trailer storage site.