Dietrich Idaho Water Project 04-22-2014. New water leaks.
04-22-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. New water leaks.
8:00-8:15: Took video of leaking plumbing in wellhouse.
9:00-9:15: Tried to flush new well to check meter operation. Power was turned off at wellhead.
1:00-4:00: Jeremiah replaced bad meter , installed four mxu's, taking large meter vault lids to shop to cut holes for mxu's, opened pitless adapter to remove transducer so cable length can be measured, transducer sets 400' into well shaft which places it in 40' of water.
4:15-4:30: Called Justin, he said the system will work just fine with the transducer setting down in 40' of water. Called Jake to relay this info to him.