Dietrich Idaho Water Project 05-05-2014. Wire new well pump motor.
05-05-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Wire new well pump motor.
11:00-1:45: Talked to Craig at wellhouse, he downplayed issues I had with quality of work done so far on the project. He told I'm the first person to ever have issues with his work. He said something is wrong with me and that no one wants to come to Dietrich to finish the project because I'm too critical of their work. Using the work done so far as an indicator of what's to come I requested that Craig not do any painting at the well-house.
11:45: John installing conduit and wiring for US Motors model DT 94 motor with id# V 01 7581334-0021 M 0006
1:45-2:00: Talked to Justin about Extreme Excavation not painting at well-house due to worries about substandard job that would be difficult to correct.
2:00-3:30: John running conduit for transducer and wiring into programmable logic controller, running conduit and wires for prelube system, setting up thermostat for ventilation system.
3:45-4:15: John covering hole in roof for old electrical service, running wire for prelube system.