Dietrich Idaho Water Project 05-08-2014. Prelube port installed.
05-08-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Prelube port installed on pump discharge head.
12:45-5:15: Dean from CH Spencer drilled a 15/16 hole in the side of the pump discharge head and tapped it for 3/4 inch taper pipe threads for the pre-lube system, installed 3/4 inch nipple with Permatex #80019 aviation form-a-gasket on the threads into the hole just tapped, installed a 3/4 inch street elbow with Permatex #80019 aviation form-a-gasket on the threads onto the nipple just installed, then coated the nipple & street elbow with a tinted epoxy coating that matched the color of the pump discharge head.
2:15: Cutting custom fit pipe to size for fitting pump discharge head to discharge pipe, welding 6" flanges on pipe, welding pipe sections together, installing pipe onto pump discharge head & discharge pipe, painting pipe with a cream colored two part polyurethane paint.