Dietrich Idaho Water Project 05-09-2014. New well-house start up meeting.
Dietrich Idaho Water Project 05-09-2014. Start up meeting for new well-house.
7:00-4:15: Nick & Jordan cleaning wellhouse, Nick installing solenoid valve for pre-lube system, reinstalled 6" check valve in discharge line & tightened the nuts to 85 ft lbs of torque.
8:00: John & Chuck: wiring pre-lube solenoid valve & installing conduit, Nick fitting copper pipe for pre-lube system.
10:00: Startup gathering at well-house with Mayor Don Heiken, Councilman Daryl Ballard, Justin Walker engineer, Brian Reed DEQ, Mike Brown DEQ, Kathy Uker Region IV, Bill Hayes IRWA. Melinda Harper IRWA, John Fontes electrician, Chuck Collins Argus Electric, Court Kimball CH Spencer rep, Rusty Satterwhite ProWest Engineering plc programmer, Mike Beglinger Electrical Engineer, Jake Claridge, Nick Metcalf, Jordan. Nick soldering copper pipe for pre-lube system, didn't run the pre-lube system long enough on pump #1 initial startup, plastic shaft bearings overheated and filled the wellhouse with burnt plastic smoke, adjusted pre-lube system to run ten minutes before pump motor starts, pump runs and sounds ok, #1 pumps about 275 gallons a minute, #2 pumps about 235 gallons a minute, air-valve for #1 leaks water when pumping to waste, #2 air-valve doesn't leak when pumping to waste, #1 tank full pressure about 29 psi, #2 tank full pressure about 33 psi, #2 was set to run to waste for ten minutes before pumping to tank, waste pond overflows and floods area with water, generator is set to start one minute after power shuts off, generator runs for a ten minute cool down period after power comes back on, alarm was set to call cell phone, chlorinator was set to run with the same settings for both wells, chlorinator was set to turn on and off with the pumps turning on and off, shower & eye wash were test run, ventilation system was test run, transducers not registering water table level, system didn't appear to be fully tested and operational at end of day.
6:00-6:15: Nick digging trench for waste pond over flow to run away from site.