Dietrich Idaho Water Project 05-12-2014. Pump to waste system.
05-12-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Pump to waste system.
8:00-8:15: Called Justin, talked about vertical turbine & submersible pump being swapped on interface display, transducers not reading water table level, system going into alarm condition when backup generator self tests, pump #1 & #2 not running alternately.
10:30-12:45: Took sample of dirty, stinky water from well #2, delivered sample to Brian Reed at DEQ, decided to test water for manganese, iron and voc's, stopped at Magic Valley Labs & picked up sample bottles for water tests.
1:00-1:15: Took video checking pump to waste pond overflowing into new trench dug to route water away from the well-site area.