Dietrich Idaho Water Project 06-25-2014. Reprogram programmable logic controller.
06-25-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Reprogram programmable logic controller.
10:00-5:30: Meeting at well-house with Councilman Daryl Ballard, Engineer Justin Walker, Brian Reed DEQ, Kathy Uker Region IV, John Fontes electrician, Chuck Collins Argus Electric, Rusty Satterwhite ProWest Engineering plc programmer, Mike Beglinger Electrical Engineer, Jake Claridge Extreme Excavation, Craig Christiansen Extreme Excavation. Addressing these issues with the plc programming: Pump #1 & #2 need to run alternately, Whichever pump is acting as lead should start when lead pump start condition is reached, Whichever pump is acting as lag should turn on in addition to lead when low water condition is reached, When both pumps are running due to low water condition, they should both stay running until pump stop level is reached, Chlorinator should run whenever water is being pumped to tank in auto or manual mode, Chlorinator should not run during pre-lube or when pumping to waste, Flow readings on plc interface needs to read for correct pumps, Flow needs to read the same on the plc interface as it does on the meters, Plc interface needs to display accurate water table level for both wells, and show accurate changes in water table level for the correct wells, As the water table goes down, the number in feet shown on the plc interface needs to increase, as it raises the number needs to decrease, When pump #2 is in auto it needs to run automatically when pump #1 is off for service. (e.g. when bearings are being replaced early on in their life due to being smoked and melted on initial startup.) Chlorinator running rich, Meeting at city hall, progress report on the project & punch-list items,
3:30: Mike, Rusty, John & Chuck tried to pull transducer out of well #1 causing damage, shaving plastic insulation off the cable in the process, transducer couldn't be removed because well pump installers didn't install it so it could be replaced without lifting the pump discharge with a crane, transducer didn't need to be removed because the problem wasn't the transducer, it was the way Rusty was trying to set it up, Rusty worked on plc until he got it reading the water level