Dietrich Idaho Water Project 07-04-2014. Check Valve Failure at wellhouse.
07-04-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Check Valve Failure at wellhouse.
1:00 am 07-04-2014 alarm from well-house for low water condition, check well-house, lead & lag pumps running, everything appears to be alright, 8:00 am, well pump #2 running and flowing about 240 gpm from well to tank, well pump #1 off and flowing about 290 gpm from tank into well, it appears 6" Apco model 306.1 wafer check valve has failed, turn 6" valve into off position to isolate water tank from well #1, place power switch for pump #1 into off position, leave pump #2 in auto mode to supply the city with water until problem is resolved.