Dietrich Idaho Water Project 07-10-2014. Electricians replacing failed parts at wellhouse.
07-10-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. Electricians replacing failed parts at wellhouse.
8:30: John called, said he would be here at 9:15.
9:15-10:00: John, Chuck & helper replaced circuit board for surge protector, adjusted settings for circuit breaker on generator, replaced battery for outside door light. tried to show Chuck 300 gpm backflow into well, noticed valve I had shut off was placed into the on position, also noticed prelube feed pipe no longer leaked, I was supposed to witness what caused the check valve to fail, I had in my possession what was supposed to be the only set of keys Extreme Excavation had, apparently Extreme Excavation created unauthorized copies of keys to the wellhouse, this is the third time settings have been altered at the wellhouse without my knowledge or permission, I consider this to be negligent, irresponsible and careless.
1:00-2:30: Purchase from Haffner's lock & key a high security lock that blank keys aren't available for, can't be copied, and is serialized to the city.
4:00-4:30: Install new lock at wellhouse.
5:00-5:30: Received email stating that check valve at wellhouse failed due to rubber turbine shaft bushings being lodged in valve, paperwork, process & upload video.