Dietrich Idaho Water Project 12-23-2014. PLC Programing Dietrich Idaho Wellhouse.
12-23-2014 Dietrich Idaho Water Project. PLC Programing Dietrich Idaho Wellhouse.
12:30-1:00: Met with Terry Robinson PE of Pro-West Engineering and Chuck Collins of Argus Electric at the Eagles Nest Café. Explained problems with programmable logic controller at the City well-house while they ate lunch.
1:00-6:45: Met at well-house with Terry Robinson, Chuck Collins, Dave Conner, Nick Conner, and Jake Claridge. Dave and Nick placed Badger M-2000 mag-meters into calibration mode so Terry could calibrate programmable logic controller for input from the meters. Dave noted one of the inputs on the plc need to be changed to 4-20 mA and Terry corrected it. Terry updated plc programming so chlorinator frequency control could be adjusted from the plc interface giving the city the ability to properly chlorinate the city’s drinking water once again. Added to the interface were controls giving the ability to disable a pump and have the pump in service always act as lead pump allowing the pump to run between the normal pump on and pump off conditions eliminating the low water alarm caused by the pump running between lag pump on and pump off conditions. Terry also exhibited how to reset the interface being careful not to reset it to the default settings; he then demonstrated how to change the pump to waste setting if the need ever arises.
At about 4:00: Dell laptop with windows 7 and i7 processor running a program in virtual machine froze up. It guy from Pro-West remotely got the computer up and running again with an earlier version of the programming file. Some of the updates had to be reincorporated back into the file. Went to city hall and brought back three chairs.
At about 6:30 Terry had the programming for the plc completed and looking good.
Also noted during the day by both Chuck and Dave was excessive vibration coming from pump 1 while running. Pump 1 motor is leaking oil from top and flowing down side of motor.